The Lost Girl

If the rumours were true, this was the place where his younger sister had last been seen. It was years ago now and if he was truly honest with himself, the only reason he had sought the place out was to get a sense of closure, perhaps even find a little something that used to belong to her. 

He had been here for a while now, wandering aimlessly about and basically putting off going home. Then he heard the sound of something approaching through the bushes - something large. He contemplated running, which, by all accounts, would be the smart thing to go - but for some stupid reason his curiosity got the better of him. He half-heartedly hid himself in the greenery. When the elephant appeared, it was not the colossal animal that took his breath away - it was the young, teenage girl that was with the beast, dressed in scraps, walking companionably beside it.

girl with elephant illustration