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Life Drawing: Schets Sessie 2.0

Life Drawing: Schets Sessie 2.0

A while ago I attended my first and second ‘Schets Sessie 2.0’ (Sketch Session) in Breda – a great opportunity to practice life drawing, organized by a bunch of great artists from that area. These life drawing sessions are themed, which really adds something to the experience.

January’s theme was “Assassin’s Creed” and February’s was “Knight Hospitaller”.

Regular life drawing sessions

I decided to check out the monthly Schets Sessie because I wanted to practice life drawing more often. I’d done a bit of it at workshops, but it has never been a regular thing for me. It is, however, a great way to study anatomy and to practice capturing the ‘essence’ of something in a short period of time. I often spend quite some time on tiny details, so ‘more life drawing’ was definitely on my list of goals for 2016 😉

Breda isn’t exactly close to Alkmaar, but I liked the way the Schets Sessie folks present their sessions on Facebook and worked with themes, so I decided to check it out. (Getting a ride from fellow artists Sean, Calliope and Edwin from Houten made the trip more manageable / fun too ;))

I really liked the first two sessions I have attended. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, the mood was set with nice backgrounds projected on a screen, some funky props and thematic music and the models (both costumed models and nude models) were a ton of fun to draw.

In January cosplayer Tabitha posed in her Assassin’s Creed (Ezio) costume and in February we had history teacher / medieval combat expert Merlyn discuss the intricacies of being a knight hospitaller (in full gear!). Both sessions also had nude models, which was especially challenging for me – no way to hide little mistakes in folds of fabric!

Some results!

Here are some of my results of my first two Schets Sessies. Most poses were 5-10 minutes, if I remember correctly. I mostly used brush pens and a white gel pen.

Life drawing Assassin's Creed

Tabitha strikes the famous ‘Assassin-getting-ready-to-jump-off-a-roof’-pose 😀

Life drawing nude model

Anatomy and foreshortening is haaard. Here the arm ended up looking quite decent, I think.

life drawing Assassin's Creed - hooded

The assassin pulls down her hood before entering the fray…

Life drawing knight in robes

Merlyn started off in robes, as he discussed the life of a Knight Hospitaller in medieval times.

Life drawing knight

Merlyn in full Knight Hospitaller armor – the squiggly bits on the helmet and shield were actually Latin texts!

Life drawing: knight and damsel

Merlyn posing with the nude model (they remain anonymous), as if riding a horse together.

I am already curious about what April’s theme will be! In April I will also attend Schoolism Live Berlin, so ‘stay tuned’ for an update on that as well 😀

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By Nuran Bozkurt on 20 March 2016

Together to Berlin :)! Love your sketches. Nice job!

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