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Life Drawing in Breda: He’s a Pirate!

Life Drawing in Breda: He’s a Pirate!

Last saturday, there was another Schets Sessie life drawing session in Breda – and this time it was pirate themed! The organizers invited John, a.k.a. “Hadrian Black Roberts”, in full piratey garb, who was a ton of fun to draw. There was also a great nude model, whose elaborate poses reminded me that I really need to up my anatomy game 😉

Hadrian Black Roberts

I met John at a previous life drawing session when he came costumed as a fierce looking orc. His pirate costume was no less awesome, which makes me look forward to the other costumes he has in store for us at future sketch events 😀

The Schets Sessie organizers and the costumed guest always bring loads of cool props, so we got to draw Mr. Pirate with a real ‘skull and bones’ flag, a bottle of rum, pistols and very neat sword…

Pirate with flag drawing

At the end, I gave John the one of my sketches that he liked best 🙂 I forgot to take a picture of the drawing itself, but I do have a photo of John holding the drawing, which is even better because you get to see some of his awesome costume!

Hadrian Black Roberts

The nude model

The nude model of the day was a very fit-looking lady who treated us to a bunch of intricate poses. Most of these resulted in really odd-looking drawings with weirdly proportioned limbs and torsos, but I guess that is one of the reasons why I attend these life drawing events in the first place – to get better at drawing the human body (especially within the limited time frame of each pose!).

I’ll show some of the drawings that ended up looking alright. First there is this one, where I allowed myself to just focus on the face after all the frustrating attempts at drawing the body:

life drawing face

In this one, I really tried to let go of trying to draw every little bump and dent and make larger marks on my paper in order to try and capture the larger gesture – it turned out as one of my better attempts of the day.

Life drawing lady with guns

This one turned out alright as well. I always enjoy picking out little highlights with white gel pen 🙂

Life drawing sitting pose

If you want to see some of my fellow artists’ sketches, you can see them here! Follow Schets Sessie 2.0 on Facebook to be alerted about future themed life drawing events 🙂

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