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Inktober 2017 – COMPLETED!

Inktober 2017 – COMPLETED!

Hey everyone! Good news, good news! (At least for me, hah.) I decided to participate in Inktober again this year and I actually finished all 31 drawings in 31 days! No catching up required even, that’s a first! So allow me a spot of celebrating – *semi-smug boogie* – okay, I’m done. 

How did it go?

To be honest, this year’s Inktober felt a lot less stressful than the years before! A few things helped me here, and I figured I’d list them here. In case someone might find it helpful, or I forget next year 😉


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Planning in advance really helped me a lot this year! I decided not to follow the ‘official’ prompt list released by Inktober’s initiator Jake Parker, but rather make my own list. I saw a bunch of really cool prompt lists made by Drop the Drawings, and mixed some of their prompts up with my own topics.

I did not hold myself to my planning very rigidly though – if there was something else I’d rather draw that day, then that was fine as well. I used it more as a guideline, to trigger my imagination. Nothing is worse than staring at a blank piece of paper without any ideas, am I right 😉 All in all, this approach worked out quite well for me.

Challenging myself


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To be honest, I was quite surprised to see so many artists struggle with a kind of ‘Inktober anxiety’. They seemed to worry that other people’s Inktober drawings were way better than theirs, or that they would not be able to keep up with all 31 days of drawing and that would disappoint their audience.While I understand this, I preferred to see Inktober as a challenge to myself rather than something I wished to prove to others (though, of course, having people follow along and write encouragements helped tremendously 😉 ).

I wanted to complete the challenge and preferably make better drawings than I made last year – this seemed like an achievable goal. Of course I had to add the idea that I wanted to write story excerpts to go with every drawing, which I kept up only partially. Guess you can’t have it all, haha.

Either way, challenging myself meant that I kept pushing myself, but that I did not see my possible ‘failure’ as a disappointment to others. After all, people have plenty of other things to worry about, right? 😉 This way of looking at it took off some of the pressure, but still kept me motivated.



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Finally, posting my drawings every single day and receiving awesome comments from both friends and complete strangers was amazingly motivating!

I also joined an Inktober group on Facebook, in which a small-ish group of Schoolism students posted their Inktober drawings and motivated one another. Not only did I meet a bunch of lovely (and skilled!) people through this group, it also gave a sense of accountability, knowing that a group of peers was also working on their drawings and (to some degree) looking forward to mine.

It was also a lot of fun to see how others tackled the challenge (it goes to show that the medium ‘ink’ is amazingly versatile and can lead to tons of different results!) and discuss pitfalls, tips and motivation issues.

The results

For a full overview of all 31 drawings, check out this little video I posted on Instagram 😀 I think the diversity in approach / style is kind of funny – sometimes this was due to time restraints and sometimes because I simply wanted to draw something either more elaborate or silly / cutesy.

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Selling originals

I also decided to do something ‘new’ this year: selling the original art I made in my Etsy shop! I was not sure whether people would be interested, so I made a little poll in my Instagram stories: 100% voted ‘Yes’, so I got to it.

The sale is now live and the first 4 drawings have been sold. If you want to grab one for yourself or as a gift, check out my Etsy store!


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