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Inktober 2016 – the Results

Inktober 2016 – the Results

Here’s a little (somewhat tardy) round-up of this year’s Inktober!  I’ll share some of the Inktober drawings that I consider moderately successful below 😉

Spreading the Inktober cheer…

I ended up with 22/31 entries – I kept it up pretty much until my flight to Chile, which I think is pretty decent.

While there, I did draw tons of little animals with my niece Josefa of 2 years old. She loved making animal sounds based on my doodles and filling page after page with bold marker squiggles. So here’s to instilling a new generation of artists with a love for markers and silly drawings of farm animals in bowties! 😉

Oftentimes she would add her own artistic perspective to one of my doodles, leading to collaborative works such as “Cat in the Night”:

collaboration with josefa

I’ve got a dummybook full of these, which is a nice memento of some fun moments of my 3-week trip to Chile.

Anyway, here are some of my other favourite entries of this year’s Inktober:


When Inktober started my ‘mild obsession’ (*cough*) with the Hamilton musical was pretty much at its peak, so there were a bunch of entries dedicated to it. Here are a few of them:

Eliza Schuyler – Hamilton as portrayed by Philippa Soo

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton as portrayed by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton

And America’s favourite fighting Frenchman… 😀

lafayette hamilton

Toony bits

I also did a bunch of toony character designs for fun, adding snippets of story to it for the heck of it.

Ralphie & Bert

cat character designs
“Ralphie and Bert soon found out that the little red kitten they adopted was a big hit with the ladies.”

The Crazy Adventures of Cliff the Corgi & Cuddles the Cat

Corgi and Cat

“Cliff was always cramping Cuddles’ style.”

Candace the Candy Witch

candy witch candace

“Candace the Candy Witch with her Candy Cat familiar Clarence, who is a bigger fan of terra firma.”

Minimalist experiments

I also had fun doing a bunch of minimalist designs, using only two or three tones to portray a character. I also did that with the above rendition of Alexander Hamilton and the drawing in the header of this post, of Gemma Arterton 🙂

Black and white fashion illustration

black and white fashion illustration

Study of a photo by Eric Lafforgue, of Miss Aki Tuna

ethiopian girl portrait aki tuna

That’s a wrap

I am considering putting some of the original designs (i.e. not studies of photos) up in my Etsy store, feel free to message me if there is one that caught your eye 🙂

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