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Art Books to Read in 2016

Art Books to Read in 2016

Those who know me know that I am a sucker for books – novels, comics, cookbooks… and art books, of course!

With the start of the new year and all (happy 2016!), I figured it would be fun to share some of the art books that are on this year’s ‘to read’ list. 

Art & Fear – David Bayles

I started reading this book a bunch of times already. Usually I stop reading a book when it does not interest me, but I keep stuffing this one in my bag with the intention to finish it. I put it away a bunch of times when ‘life got in the way’ or when one of my favourite authors (Robin Hobb!) had just published a new book and there was no way I could not gorge myself on a few hundred pages of Hobbsy goodness. I’m only human, after all.

It’s interesting material though – it deals with the everyday fears of creatives, our insecurities and perfectionism, and with the act of creation and its rewards (or lack thereof). Pretty much every artist I have met so far deals or has dealt with some of the issues described by Bayles – yours truly is no exception.

The writing style is nice too and well, there really is no real reason for me to postpone finishing it. So this one’s up first.

Imaginative Realism – James Gurney

I already had James Gurney’s Color and Light before purchasing Imaginative Realism. I learned then that Gurney has a great way to explain things – he often refers to the old masters and his own processes.

I still leaf through Color and Light every now and again when I need to tackle something and look forward to reading his views on ‘painting that which does not exist’ in Imaginative Realism.

Note to self: check out James Gurney’s blog more often too.

Drawn to Life 1 & 2- Walt Stanchfield and Don Hahn

In these two volumes, producer Don Hahn has collected the legendary lectures of Disney animator Walt Stanchfield. Things like gesture drawing and life drawing are central topics and the books are filled with awesome loose sketches.

I’ve browsed through them already, but feel like books such as these require studying rather than just reading – I’m looking forward to doing just that 🙂

Buy ALL the books!

I’ve got the books mentioned above waiting for me in my bookcase, but (as always) there are a bunch I plan to buy soon as well. To name a few:

Shadowline – Iain McCaig

I loved his designs for Star Wars and recently watched this interview on Schoolism – his enthusiasm for art is infectious! Listening to McCaig I feel like a magnificent unicorn with a paintbrush.

Principles of Creature Design and Science of Creature Design – Terryl Whitlatch

Also of Star Wars fame (among other things of course), Terryl Whitlatch is a master of creature design and has the know-how to make imaginary creatures believable.

What are you reading?

What art books are you planning to read / study soon? Any recommendations? (Ooh I must make a post with recommendations!) Let me know! 😀

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